Kontraktor Pemasangan Pipa Gas dan Air Untuk Pabrik Migas, Hotel di Jakarta

We are an experienced gas and water pipe installation service contractor for factories, hotels, malls and restaurants
Installation of Gas and Water Pipeline Pipelines for all your needs.

The focus of our company is on the design and installation of gas systems for commercial & industrial, both water pipes, gas and all types of pressure pipes. In addition, we provide the best equipment for the needs of our customers.

We carry out very strict procedures so that the pipeline from this gas and water pipe installation is strong and durable. But with accurate and fast workmanship. The minimum method expected for the implementation of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) in the construction of pipeline facilities.

Scope of Work Pipelines for Gas and Water Pipe Installation (jasa pemasangan pipa gas)
The scope of work for the installation of gas and water pipes depends on the needs of the agency/factory. However, in general, the stages of the gas and water pipeline pipeline include the following stages:

1. Preparation. The first stage of preparation that must be done is a field survey. From the field survey it will produce many things, including:

Knowing the route of the gas/water pipeline
The technique of crossing every place to be a reference for pipe installation work.
Permission to related parties in the execution of pipe installation work.
2. Cleaning, leveling and excavation of pipelines. At this stage, usually in large-scale projects, it is necessary after the preparation period is complete. Cleaning and leveling is carried out only in the Right of Way area and does not interfere with existing installations. The contractor shall be responsible for all damages outside the ROW caused by the construction work. (perusahaan pemasangan pipa gas dan air)

Preparation for the ROW area has included cutting down trees, bushes, tree stumps and other obstructions, including weeding, as well as removing obstructions along the pipeline.

3. Unloading, Stacking and Stringing. The contractor shall provide a suitable and adequate location for stacking pipes and other materials.

4. Bending. The contractor may use field bends or fabricated bends as necessary. All field bends must be made without using a heat process and must use an approved bending machine with the correct size or dimensions.

5. Pipe welding. All welds must comply with API Standard 1104, “Standard for welding Pipelines and Related Facilities”, latest edition. Before welding begins, the contractor must make a procedure (WPS) and be approved by the relevant parties. jasa pemasangan pipa gas jakarta

6. Non destructive Test / Radiography

7. Coating and Wrapping. For more information, you can read our articles: River Crossing During Installation and Installation of Gas Pipes or Water Pipes

8. Holiday testing. Pipes that have been coated and wrapped must be tested with a holiday detector before the pipe is lowered into the channel.

9. Lowering the pipe into the channel.

10. Reduction.

11. ROW Pembersih Cleaning

12. Pipe laying in Road Crossing and Railway Crossing

13. Pipe laying at River Crossing. The work method used in road crossing must be adapted to the existing situation and conditions. If the situation allows, the open cut method can be used as long as it does not interfere with road activities. Stockpiling of road crossing excavations by means of open cut must meet the construction standards required by the competent authority.

14. Hydrotest

15. Dewatering, Cleaning, and Pigging. After the hydrostatic test is completed and approved, the pipeline must be cleaned and dried so that there is no water in the pipe, especially at the lowest point in the pipeline. In addition, cleaning is carried out to ensure that the inner surface of the pipe is clean from dirt. If possible, the pipe can be cleaned by launching the cleaning pig and gauging pig. Cleaning and pigging can be done simultaneously depending on conditions. For best results and efficiency, cleaning and gauging use “super dry air” as the medium.

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