Jasa Kontraktor Elektrikal dan Penangkal Petir Jakarta

Types of Lightning You Must Know, There is Lightning that is Very Dangerous…
In the past, before the era of 2000, Indonesian people easily recognized the arrival of the dry season and the rainy season in certain months. However, due to changes in nature, Indonesia has experienced extreme seasonal changes. The arrival of the rainy season is erratic, even a few days of rain has caused flash floods in various areas.
Well, the occurrence of rain can not be separated from the presence of lightning, wind, high rainfall. As for the process of lightning, according to scientists, it is due to the separation of positive and negative charges that occur in the clouds. However, these lightnings have various types according to the existing weather conditions.
Types of Lightning
According to LAPAN’s explanation, lightning is divided into 4 types, namely:
1. Lightning CG (Cloud to Ground)
This type of lightning occurs due to the discharge of electric charge between the cloud and the ground. It usually occurs when a heavy rainstorm causes the vertical movement of the wind on the ground to produce an electric field. Jasa Kontraktor Elektrikal
2. Lightning CC (cloud to Cloud)
This type of lightning occurs when electrical charges are interconnected between clouds, this lightning occurs above the clouds and does not go to earth. However, it is quite risky for the world of aviation. (jasa penangkal petir)
3. Lightning IC (Intra Cloud)
The common type of lightning that humans often see on earth, appears flashes of light in the sky.
4. Lightning CA (CLoud to Air)
This type of lightning that sometimes appears unexpectedly, usually often strikes tall buildings. If there is no lightning rod in the building, the electric charge delivered by lightning will damage the electrical installations in the building. Of course it will cause an explosion or fire. (jenis petir yang bahaya)
The Cloud to Air uni Lightning process occurs because of the interaction of positive charges in the cloud and negative charges in the air below. This lightning strike is sometimes unexpected because it adjusts to the air conditions below.
Thus a little description of lightning, may be useful.

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